17th of October 2018

Tour & Taxis, Brussels


The « Marketing and Interactive Excellence Awards » rewards the best digital campaigns of the year.
This means that every aspect of the campaign is important depending on the category: strategy, creativity, results, innovation engagement, etc… Only the best digital campaigns will receive an award.
Campaigns may be submitted in 8 different categories and will be judged by 4 different expert juries.


The IAB MIXX Awards recognizes digital marketing excellence in different campaigns. You can submit your case in one or more of the 8 different categories available, according to the campaign objectives. There will be four different expert juries rewarding the winners of the 8 categories as such:


The Digital Communication Jury will reward

  • Best Multi-channel Campaign
    Awards the best campaign which used at least three different digital channels (display, video, social, e-mailing, DOOH, …). This campaign can be short term or long term.
  • Best Single-channel Campaign
    Awards the best single-channel campaign, a campaign that was only using one single channel (social, e-mailing, display, video, DOOH, …). This campaign can be short term or long term.
  • Best Content Marketing
    Awards the best use of content (written, audio, video…) in a multi-channel campaign or content program. The content has to be used across a minimum of three digital channels (website, social, native, ...). This campaign/program can be short term or long term.
  • Best Community Management
    Awards the best conversation management approach via social media. Strategy, creative approach and content, but also the feedback on reactions will be judged. Only long term programs (at least 6 months) will be awarded.

The Interface Jury will reward

  • Best Interface
    Awards the best ergonomy and user experience (UX) of a website (desktop, tablet, mobile, or an app. Creativity, innovation and engagement will be judged.

The Innovation Jury will reward

  • Best use of technology within a campaign
    Awards  the best use of a new technology within a campaign (virtual reality, 3D, artificial intelligence, blockchain …). The jury will focus on the innovation and creativity, but also on the utility of the technology within the campaign.

The Media Jury will reward

  • Best Awareness campaign
    Awards the best digital campaign with a clear branding strategy. The jury will focus on objectives, strategy and results.
  • Best Performance campaign
    Awards the best digital campaign with a clear performance strategy. The jury will focus on objectives, the use of technology and data, and results, but also on the efforts in optimizing the results during the campaign.

The 4 categories Jury’s


  • President: Christine Jean - AG Insurance
  • Petra De Roos - LDV
  • François Simon - L'oreal
  • Inge Moerenhout - Pebble Media
  • Bérengère Dechamps - Space


  • President: Wim Decraene - Frucon
  • Sam De Win - Prophets
  • Inge Vander Velpen - &KOO
  • Arnaud Destree - Havas
  • Angelique Trenson - IBM

The 4 categories Jury’s


  • President: Sonja Klein - Omnicom Media Group
  • Amaury Rosier - Levis
  • Alice Crosby - Beiersdorf
  • Nathalie Rahbani - Telenet
  • Kathy Vandevelde - Clear Channel


  • President: Alex Thoré – Magis.Company
  • Françis Lippens - Leo Burnett
  • Alexandre De Saedeleer - Tapptic
  • Anne Smits - Monkeyshot
  • Geerlinde Pevenage - &KOO

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Timing for the 17th of October:
Welcome drink: 18.00
Ceremony: 19.00
Dinner: 20.30
Party: 22.30